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To View an Application form click the relevant File Number from the Search Results Screen Search Results


The form opens displaying the following details:-


Associated Application Details
Decision Progress Indicator
Main Form Area which lists further details.



Associated Application Details :-


The Associated Application Details section displays a list of buttons. Click these buttons to display further details associated to the Application.


- Buttons displayed in grey do not have any further details to display.
- Buttons displayed in green have further details to display.




-  Click the Submissions button to view the Submitter Details.


- Click the Further Information button to view Further Information Details.


- Click the Agents button to view Agent Details.


- Click the Company Information button to view Company Information Details.


- Click the Land Owner button to view Land Owner Details.


-  Click the Motions button to view Motion Details.


- Click the Site Location button to view Site Location Details.


- Click the Environmental Impact button to view details of the Environmental Impact Study.


- Click the Commencements button to view Commencements Notices.



Note: Click the button on Commencements Notices to open the View Commencement screen View Commencement



- Click the Hide This Section button to close the activated Associated Application Details form.


- Click the Back to Search Results button to return to the Search Results screen.


Note: This screen provides the ability to send eMails regarding the active Application.



Decision Progress Indicator


The Decision Progress Indicator indicates the status of the Decision. Decision can be anything from 0% - 100% complete. F.I listed on a Decision Progress Indicator indicates periods were the Local Authority required or requires Further Information.


Example 1.

Example 2.


Example 3.





The Actions section on the View Application form provides the ability to perform the following actions:-


- Click to open a link to view documents related to the active Application.




- Click to open a link to view a map of the active Application via the gPlan application.



- Click to open a link to the Online Representations screen. Only Registered Representatives can make representation on an application Online Representation



Main Form Area

The Main Form Area of the View Application screen displays details on the following fields:-


Planning Applications - Displays any existing further details of the Planning Application.



Applicant Details - Displays any existing Applicant Details for the active Application.



Proposed Development - Displays any existing details on the Proposed Development.



Comments - Displays details of any existing Comments for the active Application.



Application Fee - Displays details of any existing Application Fees for the active Application.



Decision - Displays any existing Decision details for the active Application.


Click the View Conditions button to link to a word document listing the conditions associated with the Decision. The icon lists the document size. If word is not available on the machine click the link to enable you view the word document.



Appeals Details - Displays any existing Appeal details for the active Application.



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